Ticket sale till 31.05.23!

Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets to Prangli island until 31.05.2024 and to Ruhnu island until 31.10.2024! Book your travels in advance!

We recommend to buy E-ticket

We recommend purchasing ferry ticket for suitable time from our e-service. On the ferry the tickets will only be sold on the outbound journey if there are any free tickets available.

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Laevainfo ja kauba broneerimine: Ruhnu: +372 530 59910, Prangli: +372 5109456



Read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing an electronic ticket – restrictions shall apply to any subsequent changes.


1.1. An electronic ticket is a ship ticket entitling passengers to crossing by ferry on the shipping route, at the time and date and at the price point indicated on the ticket.

1.2. Ticket fares and discounts have been set by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia with their procurement conditions.

1.3. The online environment for purchasing the electronic tickets is located at www.tuuleliinid.ee and pre-sales is usually available for the whole season at the beginning of the season and the length of the pre-sales term is approved by the carrier in cooperation with the local municipality government of Viimsi and Republic of Estonia Transport Administration, and the relevant information is made public no later than two weeks before the beginning of the pre-sales on the carrier’s web page.

1.4. A ticket that has been purchased is valid for admission aboard a ship from the port, at the time, and for the person indicated on the ticket depending on the type of the passenger ticket (full, discount, or free ticket).

1.5. Payment for an electronic ticket shall be made via online banking, with the following banks as available options: Swedbank, SEB Pank, Luminor Pank, Coop Pank and LHV Pank, or using a Visa or MasterCard credit card, or from the customer account (for registered customers).

1.6. Before paying the fare via online banking, make sure to check the details of any services and route directions on the tickets added to the shopping basket and make sure that they actually match what is desired. No subsequent refunds on the amount of the fare shall be possible; however, it is possible to cancel or make changes to a ticket up until departure (see clause 3).

1.7. After the payment for the tickets the customer will receive a verification e-mail at the address entered when confirming the transaction. The verification e-mail includes a link to the tickets where they can be changed and passengers can be added.

1.8. If any services or quantities are added to the shopping cart by mistake and do not match what is desired, the cart shall be cancelled and filled anew with appropriate services.

1.9. When confirming the purchase, the name, phone, and e-mail of the contact must be entered, the names of other passengers need to be entered before the tickets are printed and no later than three hours before the departure (preferably at least one day prior to the departure).

1.10. Separate passenger spaces that are not sold for regular passengers have been designated on each trip for the permanent residents of Prangli and Ruhnu islands. Tickets designated for permanent residents of Prangli and Ruhnu can also be purchased out of the places intended for regular passengers if the reserve for permanent residents is full and there are still vacancies for regular passengers.

1.11. Places designated for the permanent residents of Prangli and Ruhnu islands that have not been purchased or booked shall be made available for regular passengers three days before the departure.

1.12. Tickets for bicycles can be bought online only during the first purchase transaction by adding the desired number of bicycles to the transaction.


2.1. On the Ruhnu route each ticket must have the name of the passenger added, which can be done by clicking on the link “Add passengers” in the ticket view. Names need to be submitted before printing out the final ticket.

2.2. At the port each passenger must present a printout of their personal ticket along with an ID with photo.

2.3. The holder of an electronic ticket shall arrive at the port at least 30 minutes before the departure indicated on the ticket; in the event of a late arrival, the carrier shall make no warranty as to the availability of places on board of the ship. Passenger boarding is closed 10 minutes before the departure.

2.4. Tickets and documents are checked upon boarding, on trips of lower occupancy also in the passenger area as decided by the captain.

2.5. An electronic ticket is only valid for the trip that is indicated on the ticket.

2.6. Changes can be made to electronic tickets up to 1 hour before the trip on the Prangli line and 3 days before the trip on Ruhnu line. To make changes to the ticket, open the link in the ticket verification e-mail. A registered user can make changes also in the customer section of the web page www.tuuleliinid.ee.

2.7. It is possible to change the time of departure (provided that there are free spaces on other trips on the same route), the direction of the trip (on the same route), and the ticket type to a more expensive one.

2.8. When an electronic ticket has been purchased, the ticket type can only be exchanged for a more expensive one, but not to a cheaper one, no set-off is provided for electronic tickets.

2.9. It is not possible to change the ticket of a permanent resident of Prangli and Ruhnu to a regular ticket regardless of the price.

2.10. It is not possible to use the electronic ticket on a different route.

2.11. If bicycles have not been added to the transaction in the original purchase, it is possible to add bicycles later.

2.12. After any changes have been implemented, it is necessary to print out a new electronic ticket.


3.1. An electronic ticket that has been purchased can be cancelled and a fare refund requested at least one hour before the time of departure. It is not possible to get a regular refund for a ticket after the ship has already sailed.

3.2. Customers may, if they so wish and free of charge, change a ticket instead of returning it for a refund (see clause 2). It is also possible to return the changed ticket later until the next time of departure.

3.3. Cancelling an electronic ticket and refunding the ticket fare is done by bank transfer on the basis of an application submitted online.

3.4. Terms and conditions of the cancellation of an electronic ticket and refunding the ticket fare:

3.4.1. when the cancellation application is submitted up to 1 hour prior to the departure, the ticket sum is reduced by a cancellation fee of 3.20 €

3.4.2. Full refunds are provided for tickets bought to the trips cancelled due to  weather or any other reason, unless the ticket was used on another trip.

3.4.3. Specific situations that make it impossible to use the service at an agreed time or to change the ticket are addressed by the carrier case-by-case.

3.4.4. An electronic ticket may be cancelled by submitting an application for a refund at www.tuuleliinid.ee/Kliendiinfo/Taotluste vormid/E-pileti tagastamine

3.4.5. An amount refundable on electronic tickets shall be transferred to the customer’s bank account within 10 working days after the customer is sent a confirmation of the receipt of their application.