PL Wrangö opereerimispiirangud

PL Wrangö ei välju tuule kiirusel üle 12 m/s, lainetusel üle 1,5 m ja üle 5 cm paksuses jääs.

Ticket sale till 31.05.23!

Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets to Prangli island until 31.03.2024! Book your travels in advance!

We recommend to buy E-ticket

We recommend purchasing ferry ticket for suitable time from our e-service. On the ferry the tickets will only be sold on the outbound journey if there are any free tickets available.

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INFO Kliendiinfo (kell 9-17) +372 5146598
Laevainfo ja kauba broneerimine: Ruhnu: +372 530 59910, Prangli: +372 5109456

Student´s Notebook

To have a nice and pleasant trip, You must pay attention while traveling by ferry!

  • If you have a reservation, you should be in the port 20 minutes before the departure.
  • Student tickets are available upon presentation of the student id card.
  • Teacher of the students is responsible for its student behaviour on board and at port.
  • During the trip it is forbidden:
    • to stay on the car deck;
    • to climb and run in the rooms and on the deck of the ferry;
    • to enter restricted areas.
  • It is forbidden to break or take along the inventory of the ferry.
  • All passengers on board must follow the instructions of the crew.
  • Passengers traveling by bus must get off the ferry on their bus.

Have a safe trip!